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Aboriginal Artefacts

At AAIA we have a wide range of Aboriginal Artefacts. As with the paintings, these artefacts have an original story and an artist. Each artefact links to the strong heritage and lengthy history of the Aboriginal culture. Below we have some of our Aboriginal Artefacts on show. However in our gallery we have many, many more. And at the bottom of this page we have a contact form where you can ask questions and enquire about prices. Our Aboriginal art experts are here to help.

Aboriginal Artefacts

Tiwi Bird Carvings

Tiwi Bird Carvings

We have a collection of this Aboriginal artefacts in the gallery. This includes different sizes and patterns, if you would like advice on prices, please get in touch on the form below. There is a rich heritage of the Tiwi Bird Carving. And a fascinating story that goes back to the dream. To read about this in full click here.

Mimi Spirit Carvings & Spears

At AAIA Gallery, we have a range of Mimi Spirit carvings by husband and wife James Iyuna and Melba Gunjarrwanga.

Hollow Log CeremonyHollow Logs

This Aboriginal Artefact is part of a sacred tradition. The Hollow Log Ceremony goes back to the Dreamtime. And it has an incredible unique story, that is a must read. You can find that article here. If you would like to get more information or to purchase your own hollow log from store, complete the form below. 

hunting boomerangsHunting Boomerangs

In contrast to popular belief this specific Boomerang does not return to the thrower. The hunting boomerang has been used by Indigenous Australians for generations. Its popularity draws from the number of uses that the hunting boomerang has. To read about how Aboriginal artefacts are made please click here to read more.

Basket weavingBasket Weaving

There is a long standing tradition of women from Arnhem land making baskets. To read a detailed article on how baskets are made, the history behind the making of the baskets, and what they are used for Click Here. Alternatively you can ask any question in the form below


Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery in Darwin has a continual supply of didgeridoos. Both painted and unpainted natural didgeridoos some with outstanding clarity and resonance. Please contact us for our current stock.

To enquire about any Aboriginal Artefacts or pricing, contact us below. And our expert team will get back to you as soon as we can.