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At AAIA’s; Australian Aboriginal artwork dealership, you can buy Aboriginal artwork online, alternatively you can visit our gallery. Furthermore, we bring the traditional Aboriginal artwork of this diverse land to your home. Undoubtedly, once you acquire your unique piece of Aboriginal art you’ll enjoy the beautiful detail. Drawing from a rich history of Dreamtime storytelling. Undeniably, Aboriginal art beautifully displays the diverse nations that make up this great land. Above all, for more than forty thousand years, Aboriginal artists have been reinterpreting spoken stories into paintings. Representing the Dreamtime tales of the world’s origins. To view our vast collection of paintings and buy Aboriginal art online today click “View Artworks”. Without a doubt, if you have any questions, contact one of our art specialists today.


At AAIA we work closely with organisations to help raise awareness of ethical trading of Aboriginal art. When organisations and ethical Aboriginal galleries work together we ensure all artwork sold online and in stores are fair and transparent. Specifically AAIA abides by the Indigenous art code. Furthermore, our gallery was one of the founding members the Aboriginal art Association. Thus, before you buy Aboriginal art online, ensure they follow the ethical codes. We are proud of a our strong relationship with Aboriginal artist. Which is why all of our artworks come with information on the artist and the story behind the painting.


When you buy Aboriginal art online with AAIA we ship all paintings worldwide for free. What’s more is all artworks come with insurance. Additionally, we give you a money back guarantee. Above all customer service is of up most importance for us, we provide prior and after-sale support. 

We are also a signatory to the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct, which was recently introduced to promote fair and transparent dealings within the Industry.

Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery is a founding member of the Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association, which was established to promote the ethical trade of indigenous art. 

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