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Traditional Stories

Here you will find some of the many traditional aboriginal stories associated with the traditional art. These stories in some case may not be feel nice happy stories. More often than not they reflect the brutal reality associated with survival and the myths associated with the cultural belifes about th origins of natural phenomena and aspects of human behaviour.

Mosquito Dreaming

The first mosquito was originally a man living near the Mann River with his family, all of whom were swallowed by the Rainbow Serpent. Only

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Milky Way Dreaming

The Jakamarra ancestors of the Warlpiri tribe have lived since the beginning of time at a place called Yirlkirdi in the western desert of Central

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Nimbauwah Rock

Towering into the sky and dominating the surrounding country, Nimbuwah is an outlier near the western Arnhem Land escarpment. Nimbuwah is a sacred site for

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Old Dingo Man

It is only recently that details of the Tingari Ancestral Beings have been revealed to outsiders, and even then many secret and sacred song and

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Sacred Dilly Bag

In the Dreamtime an Ancestral Being called Yingana came from Macassar across the sea to the shores of Western Arnhem Land, bearing in her body

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The Dupun Ceremony

In the beginning of time magpie geese lived at a place called Gungimilawuy in central Arnhem Land. They left there to visit several other places,

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Ubar Ceremony

In the Dreamtime a man called Yirrwadbad took a young girl from a neighbouring camp as his wife, but she refused to sleep with him

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Wak the Crow Man

There is a This practice goes back to the Dreamtime when the first hollow log was made by Muruyana, a mogwoi (spirit) with strong sexual

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