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Sharon Turner

 Born:                  30 September 2000
 Region:                Central Desert
 Community Centre:      Utopia
 Outstation or:         Atnangkere
 Language Bloc:         Arandic
 Language:              Anmatyerre

Sharon is the daughter of Caroline Numina and Daniel Turner. Caroline’s father is Douglas Pananka Petyarre (deceased). Her mother is Barbara Pananka Mbitjana who is an elder painter and cultural elder from Stirling Station. Caroline is an Anmatyerre artist from Ti Tree, 190km North of Alice Springs in Central Australia and grew up on Stirling Station, a cattle station south of Tennant Creek along with her Five sisters Jacinta, Lanita, Louise, Selina and Sharon Numina, who are also well-respected artists from Utopia and three brothers. 

Sharon attended primary school at Stirling Station, where she began painting at a young age, taking guidance from her aunties as well as world-renowned aunties Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre. Caroline and Sharon later moved to Darwin with their family. In Darwin Sharon attended primary school at Sanderson Middle School and then went on to complete year 10 and 11 at Casuarina High School.