Terms and conditions

* Please note - Not all artworks are eligible for Free Golobal Shipping,
however, the vast majority are. --read on for further details-

Free Golobal Shipping does not apply to art work less than AU$1,000

International shipping can take between one week and 10 days. Domestic within Australia takes 2 days if sent by air express or 5 days if sent by road.

Free shipping within Australia is sent by road transport and can take up to 5 days for deliver.

The offer covers all major city destinations around the world. It also covers cities and towns within range of standard courier services that operate from major capital city airports..

The Free shipping offer is for all large artworks done with acrylic on canvas or linen as these art works can be rolled and placed in a very secure hard PVC tube for shipping. Smaller works are sent in a post tube. It also covers small to medium sized works on paper or arches rives.

There is a charge for shipping didgeridoos.

It does not cover the shipping of carvings and / or ceremonial hollows log, which can weigh up to 50kgs.

To be eligible for free shipping you must contact us to discuss delivery and receipt arrangements.

The receipt of all deliveries must be signed for in person.

Please NOTE: Some countries charge import duty and taxes on art works. This is outside our control and if applicable the rates vary from country to country. It is usually a percent of the value sited on the customs declaration forms, above an allowable threshold. Some of our regular customers report that not all shipments attract the same level of scrutiny as sometimes they have had to pay a small import duty and other times they have not. However the point is, this is out of our control and is not covered in the price we charge for the artworks. Even if you are eligible for our FREE shipping you may still need to pay any taxes or duties imposed by your own governments. .