Terms and conditions

Sending a painting to the other side of the world and then taking it back again if the buyer decides, they don't like it as much as they thought they would, IS NOT EASY to do.

But we realise that its also not so easy to buy art online either, colours can alter due to computer screen contrast and brightness settings etc, and size is also difficult to gauge when viewing an image online.

We at Aboriginal Fine Arts need return customers and so we do are best to keep you satisfied. We go to a lot of trouble to make sure our images on screen reflect the correct colour and tones. We know that buying online has a lot to do with trust and we want to remove the risks and make you feel comfortable about dealing with us. So, we guarantee that we will refund your money if you find that your purchase does not meet your expectations. However, you have to play your part and agree to send the painting back to us in the same good condition you received it and to send it back to us at your cost. In effect we are paying to send the painting to you. If you dont want it, you send it back to us at your cost and we will refund the full cost of the art purchase.


To be eligible for the LOVE IT OR MONEY BACK offer You must engage in conversation with us via email about your intended purchase. This will allow us to send you more high resolution images of the art work and discuss further your expectations and choice. This done we feel confident that you will be happy with your choice of art. Via this process we have had only one customer in the last 10 years, request a refund. So if this system works lets stick with it.

If you choose to purchase using the shopping cart and online checkout facility it does not mean you do not have any avenue for a refund. If not happy with your purchase, we will still consider a full refund, replacement or credit.

All it means is if you do discuss your purchase with us first then you are automatically guaranteed a refund if not happy, -no questions asked.

To be eligible for the LOVE IT OR MONEY BACK offer Your purchase must also be eligible for the Free Global Shipping. If your purchase was not eligible for the Free Global shipping offer, then WE WILL STILL give you your money back minus the shipping costs.